Aboriginal Inquiry: Lifting All Learners

An Impact Assessment of the Aboriginal Enhancement Schools Network (AESN)

3.6.2 Phase 2

After completing focus groups in both Prince Rupert and Arrow Lakes, the researcher and research assistant began the process of putting together case studies to profile in greater detail the activities of the selected school districts involved in the AESN .

District documents and reports were accessed to provide background and demographic data for the school district. Detailed descriptions of the work being done by the district was also extracted from focus group and individual interview notes. General descriptions were followed by analysis of overall impacts of the AESN in the district; these were organized thematically. Where necessary, details were confirmed with two key contacts: Debbie Leighton-Stephens in Prince Rupert and Terry Taylor in Arrow Lakes. After the details of each case were completed, the cases were circulated to the lead contacts in each district to review for accuracy and subsequently edited. As much as possible, no names were used, except where appropriate and with permission.